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The effect of hydrogen content (hydrogen mass ratio, %H) on the heating value is an important parameter in solid and liquid fuels. Within the results of the samples' calorific value analysis, the sample's hydrogen content is used when calculating the lower (net) calorific value. However, different devices are needed to detect hydrogen content in samples.

With the existing systems, the determination of the hydrogen element in the samples is carried out using an elemental analyzer. Then, to be used in the calorific value analysis of the samples, the detected hydrogen content, and the net calorific value calculation should be completed with the recalculation software in the calorimeter device. It is important and necessary to know the hydrogen content, which is one of the most important parameters affecting the calorific value, and to include it in the calculation to obtain accurate results. However, the elemental analyzer can compel users in terms of its high cost and operational difficulties.

Debye Technic Arge-Mühendislik Ltd. Şti. We have developed a new method and completed our patent application process to reduce our users’ costs and enable operators to analyze with an easier method. Thanks to this method, users will be able to analyze the amount of hydrogen, which is a parameter that affects the heating value of the samples, by using only a calorimeter and a hydrogen detection kit, without the need for a separate device. Using the hydrogen detection kit, our users can perform calorific value analysis and detect the amount of hydrogen that affects the calorific value with a single device (isoperibol calorimeter).

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