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IC 210

is an analysis device used to determining  the calorific value of solid and liquid combustibles.

Isoperibol (Bomb) Calorimeter with Water Circulator





1+1 Year


Calorimeter IC 210 is ideal to measure calorific value in solid and liquid fuels. Calorimeter IC 210 brings an innovative approach for bomb calorimeter instruments, with automated features and chiller system it analyze rapidly and accurately with constant water tempreature. With having high precised calorific content . A new and well-designed decomposition vessel (oxygen bomb) with unique preparation stand creates an easy and organized operation.


  • Suitable for ASTM, DIN, ISO Standarts

  • Isoperibol Jacket

  • Water Circulator Included

  • Automatic Ignition

  • Automated Water Filling

  • Analysis Duration Less than 16 min.

  • 0,0001°C Presicion

  • RSD Less Than 0.1%

  • Filtreted Water System

  • Halogen Resistant Bomb (Optional)

  • Oxygen Regulator Included

  • Oxygen Cylinder Not Included

  • O-ring and Tool Kit Included

  • PC (Optional) or Integrated Screen Controller

  • Specialized Software

  • Crucible Compartmant Included

  • Bomb Preparation Stand Included

  • Dimensions 678x504x396,5 mm


For analysis of the combustable you need, the sample is placed in the specialized decomposition vessel (calorimeter bomb), filled with pressurised oxygen. Then the calorimeter bomb is placed in the analysis chamber which is filled with water. The water temperature in the bomb is controlled (isoperibol calorimeter system/bomb calorimeter system). And thanks to our specilialy designed analysis chamber with a low heat capacity outside temperatures have a very low effect on the system. In addition usage of chiller system with cooling and heating properties we can keep the water in an exact temperature which makes the results of the anlaysis accurate. The sample is ignited and the tempreature starts to increase which we measure with an electrical termometer with a precision of 0.0001°C. The results can be monitored and corrected with our software system and obtained calorific value by cal/gr or J/g can be used for defining energy value of the raw materials. After each analysis, water in the vessel can be changed and can be kept in the same temperaure (equal to the environment temperature) which provides high presition in each analysis.



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