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Assesment of Energy Value of Foods with Bomb Calorimeter

Foods are the basic resources required for the body's energy production. Macronutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins found in foods are converted into energy by metabolic processes and used by the body, thanks to the caloric value they contain. It is very important that food products, which play a critical role in maintaining a healthy life, are produced under quality and reliable conditions.

Companies operating in food production must operate in accordance with international standards. Companies follow relevant standards such as the system of good manufacturing practices (GMP) or the ISO2200 Food Safety Management System and require food analyzes to declare compliance with these standards. In addition to specifying the nutritional content and energy value of the foods produced by companies, food analyzes contribute to determining product quality, conducting R&D studies of newly produced products and controlling the efficiency of production systems. In this context, determining the total calorie value is very important within the food industry, in nutrition research and package labeling systems.

Caloric value can be determined by two different measurement methods: calculation method and analysis method.

ATWATER GENERAL FACTOR SYSTEM, an indirect calculation method, involves determining the caloric value by adding the known calorie values of the carbohydrate, protein and fat amounts in the food content. Before applying the ATWATER method, protein, moisture, ash, oil and fiber analyzes in the sample content should be performed. The calculation is made by subtracting fibrous components that cannot be digested and used by the body from the amount of carbohydrates.

The main method used to determine the calorie content of foods is CALORIFIC VALUE ANALYSIS WITH BOMB CALORIMETTER. Bomb calorimeter is used to measure the potential energy contained in a food. This device can measure the energy content of essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as well as other organic components. In the calorimeter system, basically, the food sample is burned with the help of a detonator under high pressure in an oxygenated environment. The heat released during combustion increases the temperature of the water inside the bomb calorimeter. This temperature increase is used to determine the total energy contained in the food. Usually this measurement is expressed as a unit of "calories/gram" or "joules/gram".

The Bomb Calorimeter guides various research in food-based scientific studies. The new synthesis, whose value is unknown, is quite advantageous compared to other methods with its contributions to the determination of the energy values of foodstuffs and the quality control stages in production systems.

For example, it enables accurate and reliable data to be obtained by providing analysis from various aspects such as determining the digestible energy of the foods taken into the body, evaluating the gross and net calories, and determining the caloric value of indigestible foods excreted with feces.

There are various sample preparation steps to perform caloric value analyzes that are scientifically based, have high reliability and sensitivity. One of the most important and important steps is to ensure the homogeneity of the sample. Homogeneity of the sample to be analyzed is very important so that it can represent the entire product. The homogeneity of the sample should be increased by using a mechanical stirrer or magnetic stirrer. Another important step is to know the amount of moisture that affects the caloric value and this moisture must be removed before analysis with the calorimeter device. Various methods such as freeze drying and oven drying are used to remove moisture from the sample. The sample preparation steps in question vary depending on the sample content and form.

You can safely and accurately analyze the calorie value of food samples with the IC 210 Calorimeter device, produced by Debye Technic in accordance with the standards. You can use MHS Series Magnetic Stirrers with Heater and DH Series Drying Ovens for sample homogenization and drying processes.


You can contact our technical team about the application and products. You can review our other blog posts and get detailed information about the bomb calorimeter system.

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