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Ash furnaces have an indispensable place among laboratory devices. Having different areas of use, ash furnaces are used to combust medical waste, harmful chemicals, and organic materials. They can operate in the temperature range of 30-1200 °C, can be used for many purposes such as determining the ash and volatile substances in the materials.


Ash furnaces perform the ashing process with the help of high temperature. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to remove the organic substances of the materials before they are analyzed. Unlike other laboratory devices (muffle furnaces, etc.), ash furnaces can reach higher temperatures to separate organic substances. The main factors that should be taken into consideration when using ash furnaces in terms of human health and suitability of laboratory conditions are as follows:

  • Laboratory power lines must be suitable for ash furnace use. It is important for occupational safety to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the necessary electrical connection of the product and to make improvements to the electrical line when necessary.

  • While positioning the device in the laboratory environment, it is recommended to create a separate area for the furnaces. In this way, it is aimed that devices such as Calorimeter (Bomb Calorimeter), which performs precise temperature measurement in the laboratory, will not be affected by the high temperature emitted.

  • When positioning the ash furnace, care must be taken to ensure that it is placed on a fireproof surface and that it is at the height required for the operator's comfort of use.

  • The internal structure of the device and the resistance wires must be maintained at the intervals specified by the manufacturer. Carrying out the necessary maintenance for the efficient operation of the system is a factor that protects the health and safety of the user as well as the laboratory working environment.

  • Temperature calibration of the ash furnace must be carried out regularly through independent organizations. Controlling the temperature rise ramps and temperature values of the system will increase the accuracy of the procedures. However, it will be possible to analyze parameters such as volatiles at the correct temperature and parameters.

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) instructions must be followed for the correct use of the muffle furnace device and laboratory safety. Therefore, before you start using the device, it is recommended that you carefully read the warnings specified by the device manufacturer and consult your OHS officer.

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AF Series Ash Furnace

For ash furnaces to operate effectively in laboratories, the use and maintenance instructions specified by the manufacturer must be followed. One of the most important parameters for efficient operation of ash furnaces is accurate temperature measurement. Therefore, temperature verification processes should be carried out by independent organizations and offset adjustments should be made when necessary to ensure the accuracy of the targeted temperature. These steps ensure that ash furnaces produce accurate and reliable results and ensure the long life of your appliances. AF series ash furnaces make calibration operations easier, thanks to their special mechanical and electronic designs. Thus, they optimize their calibration processes. With these features, they offer reliable and effective performance in laboratories.


When choosing ash furnaces suitable for your laboratory, it is important to pay attention to the intended use, device design and production techniques, as well as the card/software systems developed by the manufacturer. As Debye Technic, we offer effective solutions for your laboratory needs with our devices, all of which we design within our company.


You can visit our website or contact us by clicking here to examine our AF series ash furnaces, Calorimeter IC210 (Bomb Calorimeter) and many other products.


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