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Muffle furnace is a laboratory device used to heat products at certain temperatures. The furnace, which can be used for different purposes, generally serves purposes such as sterilization, drying, cooking and removing moisture of materials at temperatures between 25 C and 300 C. Due to its wide usage area, it is among the basic devices in laboratories.

Debye Technic offers unique solutions in the production of Medium-High and High technology laboratory devices. DH series Muffle Furnaces are designed with high precision for laboratory studies such as drying and sterilization. Unique PID solutions are offered through our PCB (control card) and embedded software developed by our R&D team. In this way, the studies carried out in your laboratories will be supported.

Some of the advantages that DH Series Muffle Furnaces will offer to your laboratory work are listed below;

  • Furnaces will ensure that the materials used in the experiments are kept in a standard state by keeping them under certain temperature/humidity conditions, will no longer be a problem, which is an important parameter for the repeatability and reliability of the experiments to be carried out.

  • The temperature values specified in the standards, followed in your experiments, will be precisely controlled. For example: °Incorrect processing of a solid-liquid material that you need to dehumidify at 107° C will directly affect your calorie (energy) value and will create deviations in the analyzes you will perform with your device called Calorimeter (Bomb Calorimeter).

  • It can be preferred in the sterilization processes of equipment and materials used in laboratories.

  • It can be safely preferred in studies on the durability and properties of materials.

  • Precisely controlling the temperature at which the reaction will take place is important for scientific studies, and the Furnaces produced by Debye Technic with PID control will be suitable for you.

  • Muffle Furnace controlled by Touch Screen; It will support routine analyzes to be carried out very easily and quickly with its time-temperature programming system.

  • It will be used effectively in processes such as drying samples and fixing the weight and will dry the sample by heating it under a certain temperature and time in order to determine the amount of moisture contained in a wide variety of materials.


While using the muffle furnace device, which can operate at temperatures that may endanger human health;

  • Creating a suitable laboratory environment, (Determining the required voltage and operating temperatures by contacting the manufacturer)

  • Considering the effects it may have on other devices in the laboratory (For example, attention should be paid to the positioning and ventilation of the Furnace device, which will be in the same environment as the Calorimeter (Bomba Calorimeter) device that can make precise temperature measurements. Otherwise, it may affect the measurement results of the Calorimeter (Bomb Calorimeter) .)

  • Establishing the laboratory's electrical lines in accordance with the oven operating voltage specified by the manufacturer,

  • Creating laboratory conditions in accordance with OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) rules,

  • Pay attention to the use of personal protective equipment by personnel who will use the oven device in the laboratory,

  • Paying attention to the use and maintenance instructions specified by the manufacturer is among the main precautions to be taken.


In order for the furnaces to operate efficiently, the use and maintenance instructions specified by the manufacturer must be followed. To ensure continuity of temperature sensitivity, temperature calibration must be provided at specified intervals by the manufacturer or an authorized-independent organization. It is very important to have a chimney hole (exhaust air cover) suitable for the temperature calibration of the oven. DH Series furnaces that we design, and produce are suitable for temperature calibration. In addition, external calibration control is facilitated via the exhaust air flap. DH Series Muffle Furnaces are offered to our users as a reliable and adaptable system for various applications.

When choosing the furnaces to be used in laboratories; Factors such as intended use, device design and materials used in production should be taken into consideration. Parameters such as ensuring that the device does not overheat during use and that the processing time and temperature comply with the standards are very important. Ensuring equal temperature distribution within the oven device will ensure that samples comply with the standards.

You can visit our website and review our other blog posts to get information about DH Series Muffle Furnaces, Calorimeter (Bomb Calorimeter) IC210 and other laboratory devices . You can contact us for product customizations that meet the needs of your laboratories .


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