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Press news about our projects. 


Starts exporting with local production calorimeter

Turkish engineers produced a high-tech calorimeter device used to measure the values of solid and liquid fuels in factories.

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07.02.2022- Yeni Şafak Newspaper

Ecological road guide posts lighting for the roads

Road side posts will scatter ligth with solar energy powered ligthing units, LUTA which can charge in

6 hours and work for 24 hours.

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09.02.2022- Yeni Şafak Newspaper

yeni şafak2.png

They produced road side guide posts with light to prevent accidents 

A technology company from Ankara, Debye Technic, has produced an illuminated cat eye, which is mounted on the roads to prevent traffic accidents by making human and animal activity visible at night.

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17.02.2022- TRT HABER

Local road side guide posts from OSTİM Technopark

The road side guide post lighting system, produced with 95 percent locality, will both prevent accidents and protect wild animals from drivers.

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18.02.2022- Sanayi Gazetesi


Local road side guide posts from OSTİM Technopark

Developed by 10 engineers over a period of 1.5 years, the cat-eye lighting is charged in 6 hours with a solar energy panel. Local governments from abroad are also interested in the device that can work 24 hours a day.

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18.02.2022- Savunma Sanayi Gazetesi

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