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Solid Waste Energy Value Analysis with Bomb Calorimeter

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Waste material is a substance that has no economic value in its current or future state and must be disposed of because of the damage it causes to the environment. Increasing solid waste amount and disposal due to industrialization and population growth in the world is becoming a serious problem. However, with the developing technology and improvements, studies on waste management and disposal have also gained importance.

In solid waste management, the first priority is to reduce the amount of waste. Then comes recycling and composting, incineration and landfilling. The energy value of the wastes consists of the biomass part, which enables the energy obtained to be classified as renewable energy. The energy obtained as a result of burning solid wastes can be used for steam or electricity generation. Flammability and calorific value of wastes are important parameters in order to implement waste management correctly, reliably and without harming the environment. The flammability of the wastes depends on the compounds in it. Moisture, ash and organic matter content are among the factors affecting the thermal value.

Solid wastes can be analyzed in a bomb calorimeter after they are separated in accordance with the waste disposal regulation. The most reliable and environmentally friendly method used to determine the calorific value of solid wastes is the analysis with bomb calorimeter. By using a 1 gram sample sample, combustion is carried out in an oxygenated environment with a pressure resistant analysis chamber and the energy value can be determined. Since the combustion process takes place in an oxygenated environment, it can be classified as a clean combustion technology. The bomb calorimeter provides advantages for the thermal value analysis of solid wastes with its low maintenance costs and easy use.

Debye Technic's IC-200 and IC-210 bomb calorimeters have computer control software, and with this software, you can view graphs during and at the end of the analysis, access your historical analyzes and save them to your computer as pdf/excel if you wish. You can click on the link to review our coal calorie analysis article with bomb calorimeter!


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