2 Year


(Lux in Vita)

solar energy powered lighting unit




  • Charging Duration: 6-8 Hours

  • Operating Duration: 24-26 Hours

  • Lumen Output: Max. 100 Lumen

  • CPU: 32 bit

  • Batary: 4V 4A Lead Acid Battery

  • LED: 2x 0.18 W

  • Light Color: 5000K (Cool White)/ 4000K (Natural White)

  • Material: Glass Reinforced Plastic

  • Easy Installation: No Additional Mechanical Parts Needed to Install on

  • the Road Side Cat's Eyes

  • Adjustable Angles for Better Capturing Sun Light

  • Environment Friendly: 100% Solar Energy

  • Battery Backup for Cloudy or Rainy Days

  • Operation Modes: Sensitive to Sun Light or With Timing

  • Optional Features: Temperature Sensor/ Moist Sensor/ Motion Sensor

LUTA is a solar energy powered lighting unit. LUTA is mainly designed to fit cat's eyes on the roads for enlightment of the road sides to create a better vision for drivers during night time. 

With additional parts, LUTA can be addapted for house-hold usage or for the parcs and gardes etc. For all outside places where you can use solar energy as a power source.