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2 Year


(Lux in Vita)

solar energy powered lighting unit




  • Charging Duration: 6-8 Hours

  • Operating Duration: 24-26 Hours

  • Lumen Output: Max. 100 Lumen

  • CPU: 32 bit

  • Batary: 4V 4A Lead Acid Battery

  • LED: 2x 0.18 W

  • Light Color: 5000K (Cool White)/ 4000K (Natural White)

  • Material: Glass Reinforced Plastic

  • Easy Installation: No Additional Mechanical Parts Needed to Install on

  • the Road Side Cat's Eyes

  • Adjustable Angles for Better Capturing Sun Light

  • Environment Friendly: 100% Solar Energy

  • Battery Backup for Cloudy or Rainy Days

  • Operation Modes: Sensitive to Sun Light or With Timing

  • Optional Features: Temperature Sensor/ Moist Sensor/ Motion Sensor

LUTA is a solar energy powered lighting unit. LUTA is mainly designed to fit cat's eyes on the roads for enlightment of the road sides to create a better vision for drivers during night time. 

With additional parts, LUTA can be addapted for house-hold usage or for the parcs and gardes etc. For all outside places where you can use solar energy as a power source.


Solar Lighting for Road Marker Post


Road marker post is an equipment placed on the left and right sides of the roads to help drivers see where the road is going both during the day and at night, by reflecting the light coming back to posts thanks to the reflective material on it. Road marker posts are designed so that drivers can see the limit of the road clearly in difficult climatic conditions such as fog, rain, and snow.


Especially on rural roads, secondary roads and deserted roads that do not have lighting, road marker posts are used. However, road side markers have the feature of reflecting the light coming from the vehicles only thanks to the reflector material, so they only show the boundaries of the road and do not affect the vision of the drivers. Drivers are vulnerable to external dangers in areas where there is no lighting.


Thanks to LUTA, solar energy lighting feature can be added to road marker posts. LUTA is a solar powered lighting system that is easily mounted on a roadside marker post. In this way, roadside posts provide safer driving and lighting on roads which do not have any lighting and infrastructure, in a much more effective way.


Solar powered roadside lighting provides much safer driving, especially on narrow and curved roads. Thanks to LUTA, solar roadside lighting environmentally friendly solution, a renewable energy source, can be produced and energy savings are provided.


By placing LUTA on road marker post drivers' road control can be increased and possible accidents, loss of life and property can be prevented. With the use of LUTA powered by renewable (solar) energy, more roads can be illuminated without installation costs and continuous energy consumption.



Solar Garden Lighting


Solar garden lighting systems provide environmentally friendly lighting. Solar garden lighting is the most economical way to illuminate your garden after dark. Thanks to the solar panel, they are the systems that allow your garden to illuminate all night long without the need for any energy source. Unlike grid-assisted lighting, solar garden lighting is an inexpensive and easy-to-install system.


You can use LUTA to illuminate areas such as gardens and parks by using additional parts. You can contact us to get information about the garden application of LUTA, which you can use as a garden lighting system, also known as a solar powered garden lighting pole.

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